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Field Notes: 826CHI and Beyond

A literary researcher's adventures behind The Boring Store

CAR's Literary Researcher, Jeff Oaks, embeds in 826CHI, a non-profit dedicated to supporting students ages 6 through 18 with their creative and expository writing skills.

James T. Green

Digital Self: Managing Your Online Presence

How artists manage personal and professional personae online

I put myself in the mindset of baking. My art-making and design work are the cake, the foundation. They take the majority of my time and energy. Social media is the icing that lends a voice to what I do—just enough but not overpowering.

Agate Publishing / Agate Digital

Small Press, Big News

Agate Digital on its partnership with Chicago Tribune

“From what I can tell, our project is the biggest and most ambitious that any newspaper is doing in the United States,” said Doug Seibold, president of the Evanston-based publisher Agate.

Rogers Park

Rogers Park: Automatons and Armadillos

A literary tour of the Far North Side

From the North-by-Northeasternmost corner of the city, Rogers Park houses a dynamic and diverse community of artists, musicians, and writers.

Granted: Mary Patten on Maker Grant

Mary Patten on Winning the Maker Grant

CAR's ongoing series of successful grant application strategies

It’s really important to decide which project pursue from all the projects an artist might be working on. Be very careful in choosing your project. Make sure there’s a good correspondence there. One of the ways to figure that out is to look at whom else they’ve funded.

Starving Artist: June 29th, 2013

Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Culinary and Visual Arts

Artist Sabina Ott and Chef Bill Kim discuss working together on CAC's "Starving Artist" fundraiser

"Collaboration is a quality-of-life issue. It becomes an act of hospitality and generosity, an idea that what you do ultimately permeates everything that you are" ..."And we are all in that same community: We’re creative, and we’re working with our hands."

Rebecca Kling

Spending Money to Make Money

Rebecca Kling on ways to invest in your practice

As an artist, spending money on non-essentials is a difficult concept to get behind. When you’re struggling to make rent, putting money into an abstract project is hard to justify. Why should you put money toward something that might help you when you can pay for something that you need to do now.

Gross = Net/(1-Charges)

Calculating Net Profit After Taxes and Surcharges

A simple formula to account for the costs of doing business

Setting a base price is difficult enough: You have to assess the state of the market, your relationships with potential collectors, your sales and exhibition/performance history, your volume of output and perceived demand. Then comes a patron. You "run the numbers" which, for most creatives, means you worry about it for a while. A number floats into focus.

Albany Park

Albany Park: Haiku Hiking

A literary tour of the Northwest Side

Settled along the Chicago River on the city’s Northwest Side, Albany Park is a neighborhood rich with multicultural storytelling, baseball, paintings, theater, children’s books, hot dogs, and community organizing.

Creative Chicago Expo 2013

USA Projects: We help artists fund projects

Jesse Rosen of USA Projects and Lauren Levato, a funded artist

An introduction to, a non-profit site built exclusively to help artists fund their projects (almost $4 million in 3 years).

Your Proposal Toolbox

Alice Feldt of Time Gift Artist Assistance

So much of an artist’s access to exhibitions, grants, and residencies begins with proposals.  Learn basic time management, organizational skills, the components of a successful proposal, and useful virtual tools. 

Creative Chicago Expo 2013

Building a Professional Toolkit for Careers in the Arts

John Sisson of Career + Coop at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Tempestt Hazel of Chicago Artists Coalition / Chicago Artists Resource

Prepare for creative careers in today's job market. We will discuss cutting edge practices for developing resumes, written materials, and online portfolios, as well as strategies for finding jobs and building networks to support and develop career paths.

2013 Creative Chicago Expo

Start Your Music Career the Right Way

David M. Taylor, II of House of DT Music

Basic building blocks that artists, songwriters, and producers need to get their music careers started properly.

2013 Creative Chicago Expo

Highly Effective Boards and How to Create Them

Carolyn Rusnak and Don Schwarz of Executive Service Corps

An effective  board of directors starts with well-intentioned, caring and committed members, but a great one takes more than having good people.

2013 Creative Chicago Expo

Get Your Green On

Powerful Partnerships to Protect the Planet

Chicago, the City in a Garden, is well-known for its green accomplishments.  Beyond its miles of green roofs and bike lanes lies tremendous opportunity for artists to partner with the region’s leading environmental organizations.  This panel brings together key institutions in the region – the F

Fractured Atlas

Fiscal Sponsorship Basics with Fractured Atlas

Understanding the benefits for individual artists

Based in New York, Fractured Atlas provides services to artists across the nation that lower the barriers to creating artwork. Yet one of their most well known services, fiscal sponsorship, remains a hazy concept for many individual artists.