Tips and Tricks: Get Paid

Amalie Drury

I know how an editor's mind works. Once you turn in your story, they'll likely move on to the next project and won't be thinking about the money you're owed. So be proactive about requesting, filling out and returning payment forms like contracts, W-9s and invoices. Keep a running document with notes on the dates and status of invoices you've submitted to various editors or clients. If 30 days have passed and you haven't been paid, email the editor/client to check in on a set day every week until your payment arrives. I use Fridays as my "money day" – that's when I take stock of who has paid and who hasn't, send new invoices and follow up on outstanding ones. 

Amalie Drury is a writer and editor. She is the Chicago editor of PureWow, a digital lifestyle publication for women, and she contributes to CS, the Chicago Tribune, Sophisticated Living, Red Tricycle and other print and online publications. She lives in East Lakeview with her husband and their six-month-old son.

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