FIELD/WORK Archive: Measure Twice, Hammer Once

An Exhibition Skills Primer

Chicago Artists Coalition’s FIELD/WORK is a year-round program of workshops, personalized consultations, peer learning exchanges, and tutorials providing artists of all disciplines and career stages with the educational skills needed for creative and professional success.

Measure Twice, Hammer Once: An Exhibition Skills Primer

Led by JP Culligan
Course designed with Jeremy Kreusch
March 26, 2016

CAC’s Preparators JP Culligan and Jeremy Kreusch created this workshop to educate artists about the fundamental principles of exhibition installation. Using materials commonly found in home improvement stores, students learned how to evaluate installation needs for different contexts, were introduced to an array of common hardware and professional installation techniques for various disciplines, and discussed strategies for dealing with troubleshooting and repairs.

Following a talk and demonstration by JP, artists formed breakout groups and tested their new-found exhibition skills by tackling an array of installation tasks in the BOLT gallery. In addition to introductory techniques, a selection of specialized approaches such as ceiling mounts were addressed based on participants’ interests.

For details of the event, visit the CAC website. Check out photo documentation of the workshop by Claire Demos on the CAC Facebook page.

Click below for a PDF of the handout JP and Jeremy created for workshop students.

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