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Adobe Youth Voices: Interview with Media Mentors

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Through the support of a local media mentor and an online community of educators from almost one hundred countries, Chicago Public Schools educators have the ability to learn from others, share their knowledge and post student projects for feedback.

Cheri Coons

Remarkable Theater Mentor: Cheri Coons

Theater is by its very nature a community endeavor, and mentoring, therefore, can be a group activity...

Elizabeth Doyle sits down with Cheri Coons to discuss the importance of mentorship in musical theater, including the "mentor food chain," the origin of the actual word in Greek theater and how sharing of both successes and failures can help others in their journey.

Kristina Isabelle

Tips and Tricks: Warm Up

Isabelle outlines and demonstrates a series of stretches to warm up a group before rehearsal or performance.

Scott Whitehair

Tips and Tricks: Guide an Audience

Whitehair explains how, as a performer, you can gently shift the audiences mood to your benefit, especially after following a particularly difficult act.

Timothy Musho

The Edit: Dynamic Cuts

The Art of Editing a Dialogue Scene

Editing at its core has no right or wrong way. However, the key is developing the art of making the cuts and timing dynamic. Filmmaker Timothy Musho talks with us about editing a dialogue scene.

Amalie Drury

Tips and Tricks: Get Paid

Once you turn in your story, they'll likely move on to the next project and won't be thinking about the money you're owed. So be proactive about requesting, filling out and returning payment forms like contracts, W-9s and invoices.

How to get an Agent

Breaking into acting can be difficult, so why not go right to the source to find out how?

A young woman asks an actor how to get into the business, sending the author in search of answers.

Shannon Stratton

The Little Things

Small gestures of gratitude make a difference in the arts.

Learning to say no might be one little thing we can all do for ourselves, and each other.

Amalie Drury

The Pitch: Amalie Drury of

Editing is a rapid and ruthless job. Don't make it thankless as well.

Also, don’t be so general with a pitch that I have to work to dig up a story. Be specific.

Scott Foley

The Edit: "Don’t Look Into the Fire"

Reworking footage of tragedy to look past spectacle

A filmmaker finds footage of his childhood home burning to the ground, and draws a sense of closure from it.

Patrick Gough

Auditioning is the Job

By the time an actor gets on-set, the hard work is over.

On a set? Getting paid? That’s all gravy. Auditioning is the job, and the work is a perk.