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Mapping American Culture

A conversation with MAKER Grant recipient, Samantha Hill

The 2015 MAKER Grant recipient, Samantha Hill, talks about her current project, her hopes to expand it, and what it's like to be an artist in Chicago.

Planning and Goal Suggestions

By Karen Atkinson, courtesy of Side Street Projects

Why Plan?

A plan is nothing. Planning is everything.  -Dwight Eisenhower

Successful artists as well as businessmen use creative thinking to get from point A to point B. -James Rosenquist

"In the Age of Collaboration"

A Conversation with Ahmad Simmons

In 2014 Ahmad Simmons was one of four recipients of a $15,000 Lab Artist Award from the Chicago Dancemakers Forum (CDF).

"Don't Be Reasonable"

An interview with Erica Mott

An interview with Erica Mott discussing Cowboys and Vikings Trilogy, her new project, and her definition of failure.

"Art is an Action"

An interview with Rebecca George

The artist on taking her career in her own hands, founding The Art House, and feminism.

Singers KT McCammond and Suzi Petri, CCP Gala, Park West, 2014.

Singers and the Song

Cabaret in Chicago

If you’re interested in attending a performance or getting involved in the community, you are quite lucky – Chicago has options!

The WasteShed in Humbolt Park

Reduce, Reuse, Re-art

Creative Reuse at The WasteShed

For Earth Day I visited Chicago's creative reuse center, The WasteShed, to see how art can contribute to sustainability.

Fernando Jones: A Life of the Blues

Chicago educator, musician, and Renaissance man

Chicago's own guitarist/playwright/teacher, Fernando Jones, discussing his passion for the blues, including his influences and who he has influenced.

Matt Austin

Venue Exploration: The Perch

The evolution of an alternative art space

The venue has evolved from a dining series to publishing house, alternative exhibition space, and pseudo-residency.

Beth Horner

Creating a Folklore of Our Own

A conversation with Chicago storyteller Beth Horner

Horner speaks with Scott Whitehair about her career and gives advice to new storytellers.

Granted: Adam Rose

An interview with the Lab Artist Award recipient.

Dancer Adam Rose discusses his Lab Artist Award project, "Against Being."

WorkSpace: Ben Madeska

A tour of an artist's creative work space.

Andi Crist interviews local oil painter Ben Madeska about his studio practice.

Maria Gaspar

Granted: Maria Gaspar

An interview the 2014 Maker Grant recipient.

This year’s $1000 award was granted to Maria Gaspar, who is engaged in transdisciplinary practices that individually or collectively mediate or occupy different sites to create ephemeral and permanent scenarios.

Adobe Youth Voices

Adobe Youth Voices: Interview with Media Mentors

Igniting creative confidence in youth and empowering their voices to create with purpose.

Through the support of a local media mentor and an online community of educators from almost one hundred countries, Chicago Public Schools educators have the ability to learn from others, share their knowledge and post student projects for feedback.