Jotham Burrello

The Pitch: Jotham Burrello of Elephant Rock Publishing

Helpful hints from a publishing entrepreneur.

Jotham Burrello is an arts entrepreneur who founded Elephant Rock Books, an award-winning fiction and nonfiction press. He produced the instructional DVDs So, Is It Done? Navigating the Revision Process (with Janet Burroway), and Submit! The Unofficial All-Genre Multimedia Guide to Submitting Short Prose. When we asked him for some helpful hints for novice writers interested in getting published this is what he had to say...

Shannon Stratton

The Little Things

Small gestures of gratitude make a difference in the arts.

Learning to say no might be one little thing we can all do for ourselves, and each other.

Amalie Drury

The Pitch: Amalie Drury of

Editing is a rapid and ruthless job. Don't make it thankless as well.

Chicago-based editor and freelance writer Amalie Drury works for, a digital lifestyle publication for women. For PW, Drury conceptualizes, writes or assigns and edits daily stories about fashion beauty, home design, health, food and travel. We were curious about her perspective on working with freelance writers and asked her for some helpful hints for newcomers.

Scott Foley

The Edit: "Don’t Look Into the Fire"

Reworking footage of tragedy to look past spectacle

A filmmaker finds footage of his childhood home burning to the ground, and draws a sense of closure from it.

Patrick Gough

Auditioning is the Job

By the time an actor gets on-set, the hard work is over.

On a set? Getting paid? That’s all gravy. Auditioning is the job, and the work is a perk.

John Preus

Granted: John Preus

On winning the 2014 MAKER Grant

Honesty comes in different flavors: brutal, gentle, tactful, diplomatic, revelatory. Pick your flavor, but don't be an asshole.

Chicago Home Theater Festival

Curating for Radical Generosity

Using private spaces for performance & building audiences

The fest pairs performers with hosts to showcase artists in non-traditional venues where the public can discuss art.

Dancing in the Street

Legal Considerations when Performing Outside the Box

With the required licenses a performer can worry less about getting caught in the act.

Tom Camacho

The Three Types of Grants

Finding the Best Option for your Non-Profit

In a general sense, there are three overall types of grants: foundation, corporate and government.

Heather Liberman

Music Copyright

A Quick and Dirty Tutorial

Protection doesn’t prevent anyone from stealing your music; it arms you with ways to reclaim your work and penalize the offender.

Sheryl Kosovski

Pricing Worksheet

Sheryl Kosovski takes us through the paces to determine our rates

Almost all creative entrepreneurs under-charge their clients ... no one has looked at what it really costs to do the work.

Marie Casimir

Fiscal Sponsorship for Chicago Performers

A conversation with Links Hall's Associate Director Marie Casimir

Fiscal sponsorship “allows individual artists and collectives to access fundraising opportunities, financial services, training and mentoring expertise."

George Bajalia

Granted: George Bajalia

Using free-writing, this theatre artist buys time to revise.

The most appealing thing to grantors is demonstrating an ability to develop a realistic and executable plan. Get specific.

Rachel Bunting

Granted: Rachel Bunting

Writing grants like poetry, this dancer wins by wooing the funders.

Before I start dancing or hashing ideas out in the studio, I have already accumulated too many ideas. At first I don’t put any reins on these ideas. I have dreamed them up, and I give those dreams their full due.