Piazzolla's Maria de Buenos Aires at Chicago Opera Theatre

Legendary Composer Astor Piazzolla's Only Opera Comes to Chicago


Astor Piazzolla's feverish, sultry nuevo tango style is a perfect vehicle for his only opera, a journey through memory, love, pain and destruction. Chicago Opera Theater stages María de Buenos Aires against the backdrop of the Dirty War, allowing Piazzolla's tango writing to serve as the quintessential Argentinian symbol of sadness and hope. COT presents several programs in its Viewpoints series that provide context and perspective on the Dirty War, the tragic effects of which are still felt today. Tickets for María start at $45; students half price. April 20 - 26, 7:30pm.; April 28, 3pm. Harris Theater, 205 E. Randolph, Chicago.

Elliot Mandel (Transmission/Gapers Block)

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