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HATCH Projects is a yearlong, juried incubator for contemporary Chicago artists and curators that strives to support an ecology of curatorial and artistic practice.

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Artist Stories


Jotham Burrello

The Pitch: Jotham Burrello of Elephant Rock Publishing

Helpful hints from a publishing entrepreneur.

Jotham Burrello is an arts entrepreneur who founded Elephant Rock Books, an award-winning fiction and nonfiction press. He produced the instructional DVDs So, Is It Done? Navigating the Revision Process (with Janet Burroway), and Submit! The Unofficial All-Genre Multimedia Guide to Submitting Short Prose. When we asked him for some helpful hints for novice writers interested in getting published this is what he had to say...

Amalie Drury

The Pitch: Amalie Drury of

Editing is a rapid and ruthless job. Don't make it thankless as well.

Chicago-based editor and freelance writer Amalie Drury works for, a digital lifestyle publication for women. For PW, Drury conceptualizes, writes or assigns and edits daily stories about fashion beauty, home design, health, food and travel. We were curious about her perspective on working with freelance writers and asked her for some helpful hints for newcomers.

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