Artist Stories

Neysa Page-Lieberman

Mentoring with Pastries and Vodou

CAC HATCH curator talks about learning from a mentor to pass the knowledge onto others.

In reflecting on my role as a mentor to students and emerging curators, I drift off into memories of my greatest mentor, Marilyn Houlberg. Arriving in Chicago in 2000, fresh out of grad school, I was on a mission to meet her. My master’s thesis on feminism and the art of Haitian Vodou had her influence all over it.

Randall Albers by Shane Welch

Mentoring is More

When mentorship becomes a lifelong endeavor.

"… we are going to a drum battle!” A drum battle? The voice on the phone was my mentor and writing teacher, Randy Albers. This is the man who made sure that the students ... not only received the very best instruction while learning the craft of creative writing, but that we also regularly submitted our work and benefit from professional organizations ... through conferences like the one we were attending in New Orleans.


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