Preparing Yourself for Fruitful Sponsorships and Partnerships

A webinar on April 21st about how get additional support for your events and projects.

Securing a corporate sponsor or organizational partner can be the difference between having a good event and a great one. During this webinar Alexis Nido-Russo, the Community Partnerships Manager of Chicago Artists Coalition, breaks down how to make yourself or your project a viable one for businesses and organizations to consider sponsoring through monetary, product or media support.

The Nexus Project

Dance: A Moving Canvas featured Choreographers

A unique, interactive dance + art experiment in a contemporary gallery setting. A night of intimate learning exchange between artists and audience. Behind the scenes access to the artistic process of leading contemporary choreographers.


Five x Five: Visual Arts

Five x Five: Visual Arts

Top Five Residencies to apply to this year!

Now that Spring has officially sprung (sort of), hunting season for Summer and Fall residencies is officially open. You've been working hard, creating new work, writing about your ideas and meeting new artists. Now you're ready to get serious--and 2014 is going to be the year that you buckle down and get into one of those ever-elusive artist residencies. Check out my Top Five Residencies to apply to this year!

CAR Theater: Top 5 Events This Month

Five x Five: Theater

Not-to-be-missed events for April on CAR Theater

Now that we seem to be coming out of this Milton's Hell of a winter, you're increasingly running out of excuses to go out and be with the rest of humanity. Luckily, with a new piece from the Albany Park Theater Project, a one-hijra stand-up show, a rolling world premiere at 16th Street Theater, and two thought-provoking plays by eta and Remy Bumppo, April is shaping up to be a particularly exciting month for theater. Here are CAR Theater's top five picks for April. We'll see you at the show.

Five X Five: Music

Five X Five: Music

April showers us with great music shows all month long.

From Schubas to Comfort Station to the Loop and back, concert season is ramping up with a wide range of sounds and talents. Read on for our picks for this month's must-hear musicians.

Five x Five: Literary Arts

Five x Five: Literary

April is National Poetry Month!

It comes around once a year, but this one is particularly important because, as it gets warmer, there are myriad of options to celebrate the poetry month that will help you feel better, get more creative and begin to celebrate spring. As Ray Bradbury says in Zen in the Art of Writing, “Poetry expands the senses and keeps them in prime condition. It keeps you aware of your nose, your eye, your ear, your tongue, your hand.” So let poetry lead the way!


Jyl Bonaguro

Career Moves: Writer to Artist to Playwright

Jyl Bonaguro's four-year quest for Enlightenment culminates in "Urania"

Bonaguro’s play explores the full spectrum of Châtelet's life, emphasizing her work in the sciences and her increasingly turbulent personal relationship with Voltaire—a relationship that both freed and destroyed her. CAR Theater Researcher Aeneas Hemphill corresponded via email with Bonaguro to learn more about her development as a playwright, and the challenges of bringing history to the stage.


Sheryl Kosovski

Pricing Worksheet

Sheryl Kosovski takes us through the paces of determining our rates

Pricing is one of the major challenges for creative entrepreneurs. Almost all of them are seriously under-charging their clients ... and no one has looked at what it really costs to do the work.

Marie Casimir

Fiscal Sponsorship for Chicago Performers

A Conversation with Links Hall's Associate Director Marie Casimir

Fiscal sponsorship “allows individual artists and collectives to access fundraising opportunities, financial services, training and mentoring expertise” according to Links Hall. CAR Editor Victoria Bradford spoke to Associate Director Marie Casimir to get a clearer picture of what’s involved in Links Hall’s program.

Cara Dehnert Huffman, JD, MAM

Law for Artists: International Copyright Law

Long on treaties and short on enforcement, know the host country's rules before you exhibit

Copyright law can be confusing, especially with the abundance of misinformation circulated. In a perfect world, artists, art dealers, art lovers, and everyone else in the art community would live in harmony and there would never be any conflicts. Unfortunately disagreements do arise. Therefore, in the event of a copyright conflict, artists should be aware of what their rights are. This series of articles will explain, generally, the basics of copyright law for artists.

George Bajalia

Granted: George Bajalia

Using "free-writing" to clear his head, this theatre artist buys time to revise.

Affording myself the time to free-write responses is one of the primary advantages of starting early. Later, during the editing process, this work frees up time to hone my responses to address the prompts in an articulate manner.


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